Analysis of the Sportsbook 5Dimes

5Dimes Sportsbook is regarded as one of the best and most reliable online sportsbooks. 5Dimes is a professional operation trusted by novice and expert gamblers alike, despite having one of the internet’s ugliest websites. We at strongly endorse 5Dimes Sportsbook due to its wide array of sports betting options and impeccable reputation.

If you spend any amount of time on serious sports betting forums, you will discover that 5Dimes is universally endorsed by the seasoned gamblers. This occurs because 5Dimes has been there for so long and has thus gained its clients’ trust. 5Dimes Sportsbook has been an industry standard thanks to their customer-centric focus, competitive lines, and large betting limits.




US players are accepted.

The best odds in the business and a stellar track record for integrity in gambling.

Extra Negatives, Pick Your Own!


Worst betting program ever

Not great for rookies Constricted options for making deposits

To visit 5Dimes Sportsbook, please click here.


Bettors who are serious about their hobby still recommend this sportsbook to their friends because it accepts wagers from the United States. While there are other trustworthy sportsbooks out there, none of them come close to 5Dimes in terms of betting depth and variety. This sportsbook comes with our highest recommendation. Don’t let the website’s lack of professional polish put you off. You’ll be glad you joined once you see all the betting possibilities available to you.


Sports Betting Bonus at 5Dimes

When compared to other sportsbooks, stands out since it gives new customers a choice of signup and loyalty bonuses. 5Dimes Sportsbook offers its customers a choice between five distinct loyalty schemes.


The default reward level for new players is “Reduced Juice Rewards.” Staying with this signup bonus means permanently lower juice. The -105 price structure applies to moneylines, sides, and totals bets of 10 cents with this rewards choice.


If you’d rather have bonuses automatically applied to all of your deposits at, select option 2. Sportsbook Free Play and Casino Match Play. These bonuses might increase your initial and subsequent deposits by up to 50%. These bonuses do have clearing requirements, so make sure you read the rules first.


If you lose money in the sportsbook or casino, you can get up to 20% of it back as cash rewards. This choice has some ambiguities, so read the fine print carefully. Cash refunds are eligible for the full 20% if requested no more than twice yearly, 15% if requested once a month, 10% if requested once a week, and 5% if requested more than once a week.


The default price is -107 instead of -110, and parlay payouts are increased by 30%. This is not a bad bargain.


Buying points on point spreads and totals is cheaper as a result of the fifth perk. In addition, Vegas Teaser Rules are included. If one of the teams in a two-team teaser wins and the other loses, the bet is considered a push.


Immediately, go to 5Dimes Sportsbook by clicking here. The Place to Bet on Sports’s sports betting interface includes many noteworthy strengths and one noteworthy weakness. First, let’s talk about the negative: the sports betting interface is really basic. This is not the most aesthetically pleasing interface, and it looks rather different from other sites where you may wager on sports.


If you can get over it, though, 5Dimes offers a phenomenal variety of sports on which to wager. The sportsbook features a wide variety of wagers on every sporting event throughout the world. Sports as diverse as football, NASCAR, and snooker are included. If there are bettors interested in it, you can probably place them at


The sportsbook’s favorable pricing on various lines is one of its strongest points. When it comes to big games, 5Dimes almost always comes out on top. The range of wagers is also more extensive than at most casinos. Point spreads, moneylines, totals, teasers / progressives, parlays, IF bets, action reverse bets, futures, and even office pools are all available at 5Dimes Sportsbook.


Online wagers can be as high as $5,000 with a minimum of $1. In certain circumstances, further limits may be made available. A player can request that the $250,000 win cap on parlay bets be abolished. In that case, the potential payout for a parlay is infinite.


5Dimes Live In-Play Betting

5Dimes offers in-play wagering on all major sporting events. Find the “Live in-play” option for the sport you’re interested in and click it. Live betting is available for most sports on 5Dimes Sportsbook during broadcasts on national television.


It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already experienced live betting. The basic premise is that viewers can put in-play wagers while watching the game on television. Bets can be placed as the action unfolds, with odds reflecting the current state of play.


Money In and Money Out of 5Dimes Sportsbook

There are several deposit and withdrawal methods available to both US and international members. Deposit options for US players include e-wallets, ACH, Visa, and cash transactions. All of them, plus Neteller, Click2Pay, and InstaDebit, are available to international members when making a deposit.


Both U.S. and international consumers have reported a speedy withdrawal process when using 5Dimes. Withdrawals are often returned using the same payment method that was originally used to make the deposit. Mail-in paper checks are another option for players.


Helping Out Customers

5Dimes performs exceptionally well in this regard. There are several phone numbers you can use to reach their always-open support staff. The staff is usually polite and helpful, and they respond quickly to questions. Email, fax, and real-time chat are additional ways to get in touch with customer service.






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